Hear what others are saying.

"Don Eddy Skill Systems are invaluable to coaches and players, and are sound and understandable."
  -Phil Jackson (former coach of the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers)

"Best camp I’ve attended because I have learned more skills, have grown more as a person and enjoyed every minute of it! Specifically my mid range shot off the dribble has improved a lot and most importantly I have learned so much about God while making new friends!"
  -Camper from Brownsville, TX

"I will be a much better point guard because my ball handling is many times better. As a point guard confidence is so very important and I have much more now than I’ve ever had. The coaches were really great and it was easy to see that they really wanted us to improve!"
  -Camper from Midland, TX

"It really requires some thoughtful study to really understand and appreciate what you are doing. I now do a much better job of teaching offensive moves and shooting mechanics after working your camps."
  -Doug Boxell (Coach of 5 State Championships)

"This week has left a mark on me to pursue a Christian Lifestyle forever! From the basketball side of things I have made definite improvement in every phase of offensive play."
  -Camper from Port Lavaca, TX

"As the week went on I seemed to get better in all parts of shooting and one on one and it has helped me to understand I need to improve my work ethic! I have also been inspired to be as good as I can possibly be! The stories that were given each morning helped me a lot in this area."
  -Camper from Celina, TX

"I now feel I have a more important role in the game which has caused me to be very motivated to be able to do my part to bring more success to our team. God has also put it in my heart to continue on the road to become a better person thru knowing Him better!"
  -Camper from Kermit, TX

"The combination of rapid improvement as a player and growth as a person is what sets this camp apart. This is a quick hard working camp with GREAT TEACHING. Average athletes become competitive and good athletes become outstanding. For my own self I learned a system of teaching skills instead of spotty instruction. Coaches need to work this camp as well as send their players."
  -Scott Jolly (Coach of 2 State Championships)

"Every student received individual attention and this is especially effective when the demonstrators interact with each player while instructing them. There is a lot of foundational material taught in one week so repeat visits are so important for their ability to let it all sink in. While the basketball quantity is “off the charts” the daily sharing of purposeful living and long range life principles is very important!"
  -Nathan Loewe: Harlingen St Paul Academy

"By the end of day one my group had improved in shooting, dribbling, and moving without the ball! I am so encouraged by this plan of teaching the one on one game that I will take it to my team! The director of this camp made me feel both comfortable and effective in teaching so many aspects of this offensive one on one game. Awesomely organized is no exaggeration!"
  -Kimberley Harris: Tyler, TX

"I loved that this is a Christian based camp as it seems that helps every part of the camp to run smoothly. Here I have learned that the attitude is to help everyone get better. I have learned so much and my confidence should help our team improve."
  -Camper from San Benito, TX

"Very impressed that I saw overall improvement in every camper by the end of camp. The system of learning the technique of shooting was awesome! These students learned to believe in themselves as they tried to excel without fear of failure. Christian models presented by the coaches and demonstrators play a role in challenging the students to excellence in every possible way!"
  -Brenda Hauck, Chapel Hill, TX